EPS 131 Disasters

We live in an uncertain world.  Hazards and risk are common.  The world is a complex system.  How can we understand and manage our exposure to hazards and risk?   How can we recover when the worst happens? The world wide web offers many new possibilities.  In this course, we will discuss a number of examples, drawn from the field of natural hazards -- earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and the like -- as well as hazards in other fields as time permits.

State of Nuclear Power Industry in Japan


From the Japan Times:

Japan’s nuclear industry growing but likely to miss government’s 2030 target

by Aaron Sheldrick and Osamu Tsukimori

The domestic nuclear industry will miss a government target of providing at least a fifth of the country’s electricity by 2030, analysis shows, but the sector is showing…


Hurricane Willa, Cat-5 Storm to Strike Mexico


Hurricane Willa is set to strike Mexico within days.  Life-threatening storm surges are expected.

Read More:  https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_ep4+shtml/203506.shtml?cone